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Currently Reading: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie - Chapter 6


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Chapter 6

Mark Easterbrook's POV

After lunch with the mysterious Mr. Venables, the group heads to The Pale Horse.
The old inn is described to have an "old world" look.
Mark is not pleased with it, he thinks it should look "more sinister".

This man is just looking for evil things, and he just might find it!

Okay, so everyone sits down for tea and sandwiches, and I guess it's not worth mentioning that the 3 women are weird.
Mark is disappointed in them because they seem like 3 middle aged ladies, but when they start talking it's clear that they are a little off.

Bella gives Mark a look before she exits the room that he feels was malicious .
Thyrza notices and tells him that Bella is the local witch.
She then starts to talk about herself, about how she was always attracted to the occult and she's basically a human Ouija board.
Sybil chimes in with her story about how immersed she is in Indian culture and how she has been to Haiti and learned about the ways of the occult....?
She has a weird dried gourd with beads that is for voodoo...?

Mark's attention is drifting and so is mine. 😴
Thyrza notices Mark's lack of enthusiasm, and asks him to take a look at their library.
Mark is very impressed with the collection of books and grimoires.
She tells Mark that Sybil may seem silly but she has the "power", and the three women together are like a team. 

Thyrza tells Mark that the making of love potions or death wishes are no longer useful. There is a better method: to use the mind.
She explains that one does not need to use a potion to kill someone but simply just to tell that person to die. Then, over time an illness will form within a person and they will die.

Mark gives her a 🤨look  because he is confused as to how a person would just start to die because they were told to.

Thyrza says that it is her secret!
She said there are ways to communicate without contact.

Hmmm a death that can happen remotely....?

Mark is puzzled as to why Thyrza has told him all of this.
She says that her and Bella think that he may one day need them, but they do not know why yet.


I am not surprised that the witches were waiting for Mark, he is looking for evil and drama!
The question is will he need the witches to help him kill someone?
Thyrza talked about killing someone remotely, Mrs. Oliver had mentioned this before! But is this how Mrs. Davis died?
What's going on with the police investigation?!

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