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Currently Reading: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

We are back!
& we are back in Mark Easterbrook's POV, it's getting good.
Quite a long chapter too.

Mark has just finished watching the play 'Macbeth' at a theater with his friend Hermia. 
Afterwards, they drive over to a restaurant and run into their mutual friend David who always has a new girl on his arm.
The girl of today is: Poppy.

Mark, Hermia, and David discuss the different productions of Macbeth that they have seen. David goes on to say how he would rewrite the witches in the play as ordinary women who have an unsuspecting evil side to them. Very different than the witches that are often portrayed in almost every production of Macbeth. 
Mystery surrounds roots of the Macbeth curse | MPR News

They then go into a discussion about the 'Third Murderer' in the play and how Macbeth could easily order a murder to take place.
David says ordering up a murder is too convenient thats why it doesn't happen in the real world.

This is when Poppy chimes in saying that it can happen in real life. She's very flustered about it, but she mentions that it happens at The Pale Horse.

David doesn't take her seriously and they drop the conversation.


The next morning, Mark gets a call from Mrs. Olivier confirming her attendance for the fΓͺte.
Wow! πŸ˜§she's really going to through with this? After Dead Man's Folly?
She asks Mark if there will be any parties afterwards, because she's not good with small talk or having drinks at a pub like The Pale Horse.

Mark is like wait, what?!

But Mrs. Oliver is unsure if she has the correct name of the pub. πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️πŸ•΅πŸ½‍♀️

Mark receives another phone call from a lawyer that was handling his late godmother's estate and effects.
And just guess who is godmother was?
Lady Hasketh-Dubois 

Another odd name on the list that was found on Father Gorman's body!

Mark goes to his godmother's house to collect a few paintings that was willed to him. While leaving, he runs into Dr. Corrigan.
They were in college together.
Dr. Corrigan tells Mark that he's in the area to visit Lady HK house to find out more about her.
Mark offers to tell him everything over lunch.

Mark explains that his godmother was very old fashioned, very stuck in her ways, lived in a Victorian, but gaudy house with equally gaudy furniture and was very opinionated and stuck in her ways.

Definitely not a likely target of blackmail like Dr. Corrigan thought.

Dr. Corrigan shows Mark the list of names, and almost all of the names he recognizes. Mostly people he has heard of or seen around the way.
 Especially our Death#1 Thomisina Tuckerton. He doesn't really mention her to Corrigan though.

They part ways and Mark starts to think he should inquire more about The Pale Horse. He calls up David to locate Poppy.

Poppy works in an upscale flower shop. Mark purchases some roses and then asks what Poppy knows of this pub.

Poppy denies even mentioning this pub, denies that Mark heard her mention it yesterday.
He watches Poppy closely, she is SHOOK!

                              wendy w meme on Twitter: "Wendy williams shook… "

We have a lead and it is a location!
Hopefully Mark let's Dr. Corrigan in on this info, he cannot do this alone!
Poppy is going to be next on our death list, isnt she? ☹️

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