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Currently Reading: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

In this chapter, we are starting the investigation of Father Gorman's murder with DI Lejune. He starts with Mrs. Coppins the landlady of the house where the old lady (Mrs. Davis) died.

With some persuasion, Lejune is able to get Mrs. Coppins to tell him that:

-Mrs. Davis only lived there for 6 months.

-She had a job in consumer research (name of the company is unknown), going around asking people about the products they used.

-She might have been a widow, no other family.

-Her place of origin is unknown.

Mrs. Coppins also tells Lejune that she found Mrs. Davis' suitcase mysteriously. It was the only thing she had and the initials on it had been painted over from J.H. to J.D. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Also, when Mrs. Davis became sick the first time, she was upset that it would put her off her work schedule. She refused to see the doctor and never gave herself time to recover, which led to her becoming deathly ill.

So even though this is Death #2, it is possible that Mrs. Davis died from not allowing her body to recover from the flu and refusing any medical treatment. Orrrrrr she was poisoned.....

Lejune asks Mrs. Coppins if she had overhead the conversation between Mrs. Davis and Father Gorman. All she could make out was "something about a horse and wickedness"
Lejune summarizes that the 'wickedness' that the priest was told about was probably the motive for his death.

Lejune does not bother to ask the the other tenants of the house about Mrs. Davis because they hardly knew her.
He decides to follow up with another witness, a chemist who saw the priest walking in the street on the night of the murder.
Mr. Osbourne the chemist, also witnessed a man following Father Gorman but thought it was just a person who wanted to talk to him. He said this man was tall with a beak nose and he would be able to recognize the man again. 🤔
Who could it be?

So much information, but no real lead!
Mrs. Davis mentioned a horse, so that must mean The Pale Horse...?
Will Lejune actually start investigating the list now?
Knowing about a certain 'wickedness' is a cause for motive? hmmm...


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