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Currently Reading: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

This chapter is in Mark Easterbook's POV. I am unsure what his role will be in this mystery, but after reading this chapter I feel that he will be the main protagonist. Maybe, maybeee a victim.

Anyway, Mark is sitting idly in a cafe in Chelsea, London.

He is a writer with writer's block. He also seems to be in search of some sort of excitement in his life- this is a murder mystery book so he's going to get it regardless.

*Note: The waitress at this cafe offers Mark a banana and bacon sandwich. I have never heard of such a thing so 🤔....look out for my recipe soon.

Suddenly in the cafe, two girls (a blonde and a red-head) start fighting! The patrons in the cafe are cheering them on and the two guys that they are with are trying to break it up. The blonde girl actually pulls out a lot of the red-head's hair.... Wheww chile-
They stop fighting just in time before the cops show up. No one snitches to the cops about what just occurred.

After the two girls and their guy friends leave, the owner of the cafe has alllll of the tea and spills it to Mark.
The red-head (name: Thomasina) took the blonde girl's, (name: Lou) boyfriend and that's how they ended up fighting. 
The owner also tells Mark that both girls and the two guys come from money, but they like to live like they don't.

The very next week, Mark reads about Thomasina who died in a nursing home. She was only 20 years old. We will mark this as Death # 1.

😮wowwwww Mark is friends with Ariadne Oliver! She is a reoccurring character in the Hercule Poirot book/movies.
Mrs.Oliver is a murder mystery writer who is always stressing about the characters and details in her stories.
Mark meets Mrs.Oliver in her apartment and they briefly chat about if a murder can happen remotely. I believe this is foreshadowing for the plot.

But anyway, Mark's visit to Mrs.Oliver was to ask her if she would attend his cousin's fête (I would love to throw one someday)as a special guest to sign copies of her books.

What’s funny is that Mrs.Oliver says that she is not going to any fêtes because a murder happened at the last one she went to. 
If you are a fan like me then you know she is referring to 'Dead Man’s Folly'.

She is unsure if she’s going to go since she is still going crazy over finishing her book. But I really hope she does!

End of Chapter 1.

In Chapter 2, I hope Thomasina's cause of death will be revealed.
Did her death, if it was a murder happen "remotely"?
Was Lou involved or is she a red herring?


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