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Currently Reading: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

We are no longer in Mr. Easterbrook's POV, this chapter is in 3rd person and we are introduced to a local Catholic priest.
The priest has been called in to a room of a dying woman, she wants to confess something that she has been harboring for a long time. 
The priest listens to her and reassures her that he will take care of the thing she told to him.

The woman passes away. Even though this may seem like a natural death, and the woman was not only sick with the flu but older.... I want to mark it as Death #2.
Simply because she was keeping too many secrets!

After the woman is taken away to the hospital, the priest sets out to find a place where he can go over what the woman told him. He decides to go to a cafe (this is not the same cafe from Chapter 1) instead of going back to his presbytery.

In the cafe, he writes down a list of names that the old woman told him and puts the list in his shoe.

As he walks back to his presbytery..... he is bludgeoned to death from behind.

Okay yes, this is officially our first murder (that we know of...🕵🏽‍♀️)! Of course we will mark this as Death #3, but the story and mystery is definitely starting now.

We are introduced to Detective Lieutenant Lejune and a coroner by the name of Dr. Corrigan. They are both discussing the details of the priest's murder.
Here are the clues and facts:

- Father Gorman visited the sick woman Mrs.Davis at 7:25pm, and stayed with her a half hour. 

-Father Gorman then goes to Tony's cafe, where he asks for a piece of paper. Tony provided the priest with a piece of paper.

- The other patrons at the cafe were a group of 3 young men, and an elderly man who left the cafe without ordering. No one noticed when this old man left or what he looked like.

-Father Gorman died from injuries to head. His pockets to his coat were turned out, but nothing taken.

Lejune thinks that the killer was possibly looking for the piece of paper that was in the priest's shoe. The priest had nothing of value on him and his coat pockets were full of holes.

Lejune and Corrigan go over the list of names. They think that the priest wrote a '?' to the names that he was unsure of the spelling.

The doctor sees his own name on the list and tells Lejune that he doesn't even know the priest. Plus, his name is also pretty common. 👀

You see Tuckerton on the list! Maybe its Thomasina who mysteriously died last chapter ??...🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️🕵🏽‍♀️

Lejune is not sure if the list is the motive for the priest's murder. Dr. Corrigan decides to investigate the names on the list anyway.
Lejune is very nonchalant about this!

The doctor decides to call 'Delafontaine' since this is a very uncommon last name and there is only 1 person in the area with this name.
When he calls, he finds out that Mrs. Delafontaine is dead, and has been for 5 months now.
Lejune gives him that-

look. This is getting good now!

In Chapter 3, I really hope they look more into the list. Even though we know Lejune thinks it may not be the motive and the list is probably worthless since the people on there are most likely dead. 
But what do they have in common?
Where will Mark Easterbrook fit into all of this?


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