Saturday, September 29, 2018

DIY Fruit Tote Bag

DIY Fruit Tote Bag

DIY this very easy and very cute fruit themed market tote.

Inspired by Lazy Oaf's fruit themed tote:

DIY Fruit Tote Bag materials

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**this project also requires a printer, unless you are good at drawing. I am not.
x-acto knife (optional, if you don't need stencils)
pencil (optional, only if you want to trace your stencil or design before using the fabric markers)
scissors (optional, if you don't need stencils)


I used Google to find these fruit stencils, I downloaded them to my computer and resized them. I will add the fruit stencils that I used to my Google Drive, these are already resized for this project. (the watermelon is a little big)

DIY Fruit Tote Bag steps

DIY Fruit Tote Bag steps

DIY Fruit Tote Bag steps

1) After printing out the stencils, use the x-acto knife to cut out each stencil. Make sure you are using the x-acto knife on a cutting board or a self healing mat.

2) Cut out each stencil from the paper. You can either start using the stencil with the fabric marker or use the stencil with a pencil first to trace.

3) Choose whatever placement for each fruit on your bag and have fun creating this simply cute bag!

finally breaking out the sewing machine for the next project

Saturday, September 15, 2018

DIY Fruit Charm Bracelet

DIY Fruit Charm Bracelet poster

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