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DIY Star Lariat Necklaces

DIY Star Lariat Necklaces

Another jewelry tutorial on star themed lariat necklaces.

My favorite (and only)  lariat necklace broke, so I decided to fix and then make myself another one!


DIY Star Lariat Necklaces Materials

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- round nose, straight (flat) nose, bent nose pliers + side cutter
- 1 yard of gold chain (2 yards to make both necklaces)
- measuring tape
- star gems, double loop star gems, open star gems (I have rhinestone studded star gems from my broken necklace. I could not find any similar ones online, but you could always glue flat back gems to the star charms)
- gemstone/birthstone charms
- 4 bicone beads (color: jonquil)
- gold wire
- jump rings
- 2 chain extenders
- 2 lobster clasps


This was a necklace that I purchased from Nasty Gal a couple of years ago. I will be using the same measurements from this necklace.


1) Measure and cut: 2 pieces of 8 inch chain, 2 pieces of 11 inch chain, and 1 pieces of 4 inch chain. For the 8 inch chains, cut about 0.5-1 inch more incase of mistakes.

2) Starting with the 8 inch chains first, measure and cut 3 inches from the chain.

3) Attach a jump ring to the end of the now 3 inch chain and attach another jump ring to the end of the now 5 inch chain. Reconnect the chains by placing a double loop star gem, secure jump rings with flat nose pliers.

4) After reconnecting the chain, measure and cut about 3cm from where the star gem was placed.

5) Slide a bicone bead onto the gold wire. There are two ways of doing this:

First: Slide a bicone bead onto the gold wire. Using the tips round nose pliers, make a small loop. (about half a inch)
Using the side cutter, cut off about a half a inch of wire to curl up the other end.
When both sides of the wire are curled up, use the bent nose pliers to slightly open each loop to slide on the chains. Each chain should be inside the loop, secure with flat nose pliers.

Second: Slide on the chain with the star charm on the gold wire followed by the bicone bead, then slide on the chain without the star charm.
Using the tips round nose pliers, make a small loop (about half a inch) make sure the chain is inside the loop.
Use the side cutter to cut a half a inch off the other end. Make another loop with the chain inside. Secure loops with flat nose pliers.

6) Now that the chain is whole again, measure and cut 2 inches from where the bicone bead is placed and add another star gem. Then cut another 3cm down from the new star gem and place a bicone bead. There should be 2 star charms and 2 bicone beads for both 8" chains.

7) Line up both chains after placing the gems and make sure to cut any excess so that both chains are even.

8) At the bottom of each chain (the bottom is after where the last bicone bead was placed) attach a jump ring and then connect the chain by adding a double loop star charm. Secure with flat nose pliers.

9) Take both 11 inch chains and use 1 jump ring to connect both chains. Then add a open star charm to the jump ring.

10) Attach a jump ring to the bottom of the open star charm and add the 4 inch chain to that jump ring.

11) Add another open star charm to the end of the 4 inch chain.

12) Line up both necklaces, the smaller necklace inside the longer necklace. Make sure the ends are even.

13) Attach a jump ring through one end of the of the necklaces, slide on the smaller chain first and then the longer chain and then the lobster clasp. Secure with pliers.

14) On the other end, attach another jump ring. Slide on the smaller chain first, followed by the longer chain and then the chain extender. Secure with pliers.

DIY Star Studded Lariat Necklace


This necklace is based off of my own measurements.


1) Measure around your neck, not too tightly, just a little longer than a choker.

2) Measure and cut the chain to your measurements. Find the middle of the chain and use the measuring tape to place the star gems. I am using 3 star gems and placing them 1 inch apart.

3) Attach the star gems with jump rings and secure.

4) Measure another piece of chain, this one will be just about 0.5 inches below your collarbone. Measure and cut.

5) Find the middle of the longer chain ( I ran out of chain, so I used chain extenders 😑) and attach a jump ring then attach a 4.5 inch chain to that jump ring.

6) Arrange the placement for the star gems and gem stones on the 4.5 inch chain and attach them.

7) This part is a little tricky. I suggest trying on both necklaces to figure out where to attach  the jump rings to connect them.

8) Attach the jump rings based on your placement. Attach the smaller chain first, then the longer chain followed by your lobster clasp or chain extender.

DIY Star and Gemstone/Birthstone Lariat Necklace

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