Thursday, July 12, 2018

DIY Cut Out Camo Shirt

t-shirt hack for camouflage shirt

An easy DIY recreation of this cute camo print top from Shopbop! This top didn't come in pink, plus it was $165.....

diy cut out camouflage shirt materials

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camoflauge t-shirt
detail scissors (or any scissors with a sharp point)
measuring tape (not pictured)

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8


1) Place pins on the middle of the collar in the front and in the back.

2) Starting from the front of the shirt , poke a hole where you placed your pin. Then start cutting around the collar until you reach the second pin in the back(cutting towards the right, but it will be the left side when wearing the shirt).

3) With a measuring tape or ruler, place a pin 1 inch down below the collar. Pin through both pieces of the shirt.

4) Instead of cutting straight down to meet the pin, cut diagonally. Then, continue to cut off the 1 inch around the neckline (be mindful of the shoulder seam that you don't cut through it, if you do use fabric glue or hand stitch it).

5) Try on the shirt to see if the cut is low enough for you.

6) Cut off the right sleeve. Make sure to cut under the seams to get a raw edge.

7) Cut off the hem of the left sleeve for a raw edge.

8) Lightly tug on the raw edges so they will curl.

summer jewelry diys coming soon!

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