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DIY One Piece - Nami $$$ Bank

diy coin jar inspired by one piece anime featuring nami

A simple One Piece anime DIY tutorial on how to create a coin jar inspired by the money loving navigator of the Strawhats, Nami!

materials list for diy coin jar for one piece anime

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*this project requires use of a printer, so make sure there is enough paper and ink to print!

glass or plastic jar (I'm using 16oz wide mouth jars for this project)
x-acto knife (has to be the sharpest blade) - or a slot hole puncher (recommended. much easier, much cleaner, mine did not arrive on time for this project)
measuring tape
adhesive tape (double-sided tape)(optional)
marker or pen
spray paint (metallic orange for Nami's orange theme!)
plastic sheets or craft plastic (optional)



1) Make sure the jars are clean and remove all stickers and labels.

2) Measure the height and width (the circumference, really) of the jar and write down these measurements.

3) Take the lid, right side up, and mark with a writing tool where and how big you want your coin slot. (I used a quarter to make sure I was making a big enough slot)

4) Before using the x-acto knife, make sure you are working on a hard surface or a self healing mat. The knife is really sharp.

5) If you are using an x-acto knife like me, you might want to start by pushing the knife straight through on the slot line. Once you made the first cut, it will be easier to start sawing the knife around to cut out the slot lines. ( It was a bit of a challenge, so I used my scissors and my side cutter to help make my slot. My slot is not pretty, but is functional.)

6) Before spray painting, make sure you have proper ventilation if you are spray painting inside. Also, lay down plastic bags or cardboard as a surface to spray on. Use gloves or cover your hands with plastic bags while spraying.

7) Make sure the lid is clean of any metal scraps. Spray 1 coat from left to right and then right to left and wait 2 minutes before applying another coat.

8) Let the lid dry for 20 minutes before handling, but this is a good time to get started on the labels.

*All images of Nami, I found through Google 'nami beri/money eyes'. But, I will link my Google Drive if you want to download these particular images.


1) Make an account with, it's a great site for almost all creative and business purposes! (plus I don't have photoshop...yet)

2) Once logged in, click on the 'custom dimensions' tab on the top right.

3) Type in the measurements of your jar. Don't forget to make sure it is in inches!

4) Choose a layout, Canva has a bunch of layouts to choose from, so if you want to use more than 2 pictures of Nami, there is a layout for that.

5) Drag and drop the pictures you want to use for the layout. For a single layout, you may have to play around with expanding the picture to fit within the label.

6) If you are using more than 1 picture, change the 'spacing' to 0 if you don't want any white spaces between images.

7) Canva also has a lot of other features like adding text, icons, borders and stickers to your images. (I decided to keep mine really simple)

8) When you are finished decorating the label, hit the download button to save to your files & then print.

9) Cut out the labels and place them in the jar.

*besides placing the label in the jar, these next steps are totally optional.


1) Overlap one end of the label over the other to make it a smaller circle than the jar, and then place the label inside and it will expand to fit.

2) Once the label is placed in the jar, you will notice the label overlapping is visible from outside the jar. Take out the label.

3) Lay the label down flat on a surface and use double-sided tape only on one end of the label.

4) Carefully place the label back in the jar the same way as before. Once the label expands inside the jar, press down on the non adhesive end of the label so that it will stick to the adhesive end. This should make the overlapping less visible.

5) Plastic sheets are going to be used as a lining for the coin jar. (printer paper is so flimsy and money is so dirty I felt that it would mess up the label over time. I used plastic sheets that came from a package, I also used plastic sheets from an old photo album. You can also use flexible card paper or anything that is thicker than printing paper.)

6) Use your jar dimensions or another same sized label to mark and cut out the plastic lining.

7) Make sure to place the plastic lining inside the jar for correct measurements before using tape.

8) Place your lid (make sure that it is totally dry!) on your coin jar & start saving like the treasure hoarding navigator!

finished project diy one piece anime nami coin jar

more One Piece diys on the way....


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